11:11 wish granted from Tara, Tarot Party visionary, Astrology Insights & More


It’s Remembrance Day. Yes let’s remember and honour those poor lads who died in many many battles.

On a more esoteric note. 

the synchronicity of 11/11 has to do with Master Numbers. 11 is the Master # of memory, inter-changable with number 8 Karma, Eternity. Two11’s add up to 22 the Grand Master Number of Enlightnement, the Alpha and Omega in the Tarot, Zero, the Fool. SO put them all together and you have a very powerful Numerological signature to Remember. 

So just remember who you really are.  And see all those millions of soldiers and civilians hovering in Eternity, healed and whole.

That digital encoding. Do you still see 11:11 on your clock all the time?

Mercury enters Scorpio today! This should make for intense communications,especially after that intense Scorpio New Moon on Friday. Get set for a Big Lift off on Monday the 12th, a further enhancement to the Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center, as Sagittarian Moon colludes withJupiter early in the day, and Pluto just before midnight PDT time and early in the wee hours on the 13th EST.

Sit and meditate while you jog, gamble, walk your dog, travel around, expound on your Soap Box, try to reform the law, teach or are otherwise engaged in Saggy type activities. You can’t miss! Aim high! Those arrows of Truth are going to the Highest Galactic reaches ever now.

Blessings and feedback is always welcome.

On a more mundane note: it’s not too late to book Tara for your Holiday parties and events. I’d love to meet you and read for you and your guests and clients.

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