July 17 2007 Fire The Grid world wide,all you need is love

firethegridjuly1707.gifJuly 17 2007 Fire the Grid

started by Shelley Yates a Canadian woman who with her son were miraculously saved after they were drowned in a lake by Spiritual Beings in 2002. Since that time these angels or E.T.’s or White Brotherhood, or ambassadors from the Galactic Center had told her to set up this World wide meditation on July 17 2007 to save the Earth, to bring all human beings willing to participate in joy, prayer, meditation,with music and peace for 1 hour synchronized world wide for 11:11 am GMT. She says she didn’t want the job but eventually learned to commit to the cause as the celestial beings had saved her and her son, she owed ’em one.

The spirit beings have told Shelley that this firing of the grid is to bring millions into the knowledge that we are spiritual beings experiencing being human to learn. We must come back into our tribal, or pre-technology consciousness, so that no child could go hungry, or without shelter, or be abused, there is more than enough on this earth to care for each individual, without judgement, linking us in our Oneness consciousness, so we stop raping the earth, stop warring, stop being focused on me, me, me in other words ego stuff.

Through the power of quantum physics, and clear positive intention millions of humans link synchronistically to Fire the Grid and amp up their human energy systems and fire the grid for the earth’s own healing. We must re-member what our ancestors knew, what shamans know, we are all just energy. As the consciousness expands from fire the grid we will feel it and send only positive energy and see whatever is before us as challenges which require us to ask ourselves how with integrity honesty and truth can we deal with whatever lies ahead.

Shelley Yates seems totally authentic to me. She appears to be a most “ordinary” person, honest. She charges nothing, she is intent to heal the earth and to make it a safe and beautiful peacefull and honouring place for our children.

She mentioned on her website that she didn’t know why this day July 17 2007 was chosen. It is the exact conjunction day of Pluto with the Galactic Center! The alignment with the Galactic Center through Pluto is most profound as Pluto represents the Soul and the Collective Unconscious of the people and Pluto will be aXact centre to be broadcasting the vibrations from the Galactic Center a place the Mayans believe is the birth place of all souls.

July 17 is also ISIS Queen of Egypt, Great Mother’s Birth Date and in Japan the Shinto Sun Goddess Ameratsu is honoured in a procession.How synchronistic is that!

It also made me think about music and the song that always delighted me was All You Need Is Love by the Beatles. It struck me that the Beatles live airing of this in 1967 being the first international satelite programme ever which 400 million people saw, was somewhere around this date. So I checked it out. My intuition was telling me that somehow this was connected to the Fire The Grid.

Wow! The Ascendant of the All You Need Is Love Broadcast is 28 dgerees + of Sagitttarius within a couple of degrees of the Galactic Center. And Pluto is now hovering After Retrograding over that point exactly on the Galactic Center.

2 thoughts on “July 17 2007 Fire The Grid world wide,all you need is love

  1. This blows me away. For healing and spiritual reasons I decided to Coronate my self Queen Sophia, High Priestess: love, gratitude, respect. I focused on this intentley for 9 months. Programmed my water daily with these words and intentions. Curiosly, I found myself in Instanbul in the Hagia Sophia on July 17, 2007. I walked through the door of the emperor and declared silently to myself that this was my coronation. I had no idea what you were up to. I feel so excited about being connected without even knowing you excisted. there is magic in the air. Love Sophia


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