wireless activisim,cell phones grow trees @ seedcollective.org Earth Day, New Orleans



Sponsered by Seventh Generation

seed collective and Seventh Generation invite you to be a Wireless Activist an

ECOLLABORATIONIST to help RE Green New Orleans for Earth Day.

seedcollective is partnering with Seventh Generation who is sponsoring $1 for each virtual tree “planted” online up to $40,000 to be donated to Replant New Orleans for planting live trees in New Orleans leading up to Earth Day.

seedcollective is a “groundbreaking” historical technological breakthrough interface between mobile phones and computers online. seedcollective allows users to participate in a uniquely rich mobile online experience which is at once a co-creative art collaboration, a reforestation tool, a fund raising platform, fun, simple. You can seed the forest for the trees! Turn your cell phone into an arborists’ tool. Become a wireless green activist. Participate in this ecollaborative experience.

We need 40,000 virtual trees created online to be able to use the funds being offered.

http://www.seedcollective.org or through Seventh Generation’s affiliate site One Ton Tree affiliate site


Please pass this on to everyone you know who wants to help regreen New Orleans, everyone participating will make a difference. I’m sure your seedcollective experience will be delightful. You will be surprised and amazed at how easy it is to interact to help New Orleans and re-green it for Earth Day.

seedcollective is a new platform for online ecollaboration and reforestation, as well as a co-creative art project, enabling participants to become wireless green activists. There is no cost except for a long distance phone call to New Orleans. Interaction to grow your virtual seedling into a tree takes about 4 minutes. You choose between 7 different phantasmagorical tree types, the DNA tree, the Ancestor Tree, The Tire Tree etc. You can download your tree image to keep as a memento for your participation in seedcollective. Read on…

Plant a tree NOW for Earth Day April 22 Support REPLANT New Orleans
Visit http://seedcollective.org

Use your Cell Phone or Land Line to plant trees, sponsored by Seventh Generation

This is an historic event. Seedcollective and Seventh Generation present the 1st online co-creative art/reforestation/fundraising event. Be among the first to participate. A GREEN CONSCIENCE is a phone call away!
Your participation will make a difference! Grow a virtual tree from a seedling =live trees planted.

Seventh Generation, the U.S.’s leading provider of non-toxic environmentally safe household products will donate $1 for the first 40,000 virtual trees created by participants of seedcollective to Replant New Orleans, a volunteer arborists organization who will be planting trees 24 hours a day in their “100 hours of power” leading up to Earth Day April 22nd. see http://www.replantneworleans.org Or grow a tree through Seventh Generation’s One Ton Tree http://www.onetontree.com

On Earth Day, Napoleon Brousseau, creator of the seeecollective and Seventh Generation reps. will be in New Orleans planting trees to replace the 50,000 trees destroyed by hurricane Katrina. At the end of the planting day all the virtual trees created online will be presented at the wrap party.
Show the people of New Orleans your support. We only need 40,000 virtual trees created to grow thousands of real trees! The trees, shrubs, plants and soil regeneration provided by Replant New Orleans will make a huge difference in bringing the city back to life.

You can seed the forest for the trees! Turn your cell phone into an arborists’ tool. Participate in a unique art collaborative and ecollaborative experience. Spread the word, plant seeds, make trees grow!

http://www.seedcollective.org or go to http://www.onetontree.com

The People of New Orleans thank you in advance for participating in the greening of their city.

Napoleon Brousseau & Tara Greene,
on behalf of the SEED Collective and Seventh Generation

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