Psychic Weather Report April 12 Crows in the yard

Crow/RavenWell Spring hasn’t sprung yet in the viscinity of T.O. or the Big Tomato as I used to call it.

But I have had the delight of welcoming and watching and feeding a small crew of crows, with beautiful blue-black heads. Most are babies, but there’s one big Mamma or Papa crow to. They look different than the usual coal black crows I’m used to seeing. I was wondering if they weren’t grackles maybe? I am a Sagittarian animal lover and we always feed the birds all year round wild seeds or the ever present uneaten crusts of my daughters multiple toast portions of the day. Nothing goes to waste in our house. As a person who tries to connect with nature and the animal messengers even in the urban wilds of the Beach, seeing crows is like counting coup! I had noticed that the crows had disappeared from the nabe a couple of years ago and was quite alarmed by their disappearance, but they appeared in small numbers last year and many more this year. This is the first time that they have come into my backyard to eat and hang around in the big old cedar tree.

I feel very lucky to have my largish sized yard for I love it and spend much time there creating a peacefull sacred space sometimes managing to completely disappear the traffic noises. I am always outside at nights watching the stars.

The crows amaze me. They are very beautiful birds and I know that they are very smart.

All animals are messengers from Spirit. Crow in the Native American tradition is the keeper of Sacred Law. That is Spiritual and not man made laws. Crow is a shape shifter, a shamanic ally, an animal that allows one to do remote viewing. Sacred Law teaches that “all things are born of woman.” Crow relates to personal integrity,personal will, being enabled to stand in one’s truth. Crow’s Medicine, or gift is of being willing to wlak your talk, know your life’s mission and balance past present and future int he now. Crow allows the bending of physical laws to aid in creating the shape shifted world of peace- from Jamie Sams book-Medicine Cards.

So I thank the Great Mystery for sending the crows to us. Especially as they are the Totem Animals of the North-West direction, of Karma and Dharma which is the natal position fro my husband Napoleon and myself.


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