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Out of the Firestorm, Where’s the beef Astrology Tara Greene

Hot enough for you?  This past week’s culminating of Aries energy, as the SUN inched ever closer to the very last 29 critical degree of ARIES with Mars on April 17, 18 19

we Witnessed the carnage of the past week caused by overheated ARIES reckless actions-

The Boston bombings,West Texas explosion APril 17, a powerful earthquake in Iran, MIT shootings, the crash of gold markets even.

It was a horrific, sad, intense, irritating, hectic, teeth gnashing, exhausting, shocking week to say the least.

Its been very tense in our house. You and yours?

I’m  frigging exhausted!!! Its like we’ve been in a vortex of FIRE. I dreamed about a new car called the VORTEX- TM Tara Greene.

Moon enters LEO Apr 18- 20 MORE FIRE to the fire 
Thursday LEO the Drama QUEEN squares Venus in Taurus 
-”Where’s my diamond ring? make more money, look more lavish”… the Queen yells.
A quincunxy day with emotions all a kilter with Neptunian energy – rules oil gas, indicated by the Explosion in Texas.
Also fantasies illusions and dreams all over the place, the stock market?
Later in the day much spiritually romantic connectivity as VENUS in Taurus SeXtiles Neptune in Pisces. The day ends will a lovely Leo Moon TRINE Mercury in Aries.
Friday April 19
so look forward to unexpected insights about the Boston Bombings
and your own personal inspirations. bUT they must be from the heart.
In between Leo Moon squares SATURN – power struggles – ego dark clashes in high places
Most of the day is more QUINCUNX-Y stuff
Leo MOON and Pluto in Capricorn= no comprende + Chiron in Pisces- no capish the Fish
MERCURY in ARIES quincunx Saturn in Scorpio 8 degrees 
You will definitely be on the carpet for any secrets coffee or you know what,spilled, look before you leapt kind of activities. whoops.
so Where’s the beef? 
whether its conspiracy theories, the stock market crash, whose saying what? its coming right up
SUN ENTERS TAURUS – YAY April 19  6:03  pm EDT  
As sun enters TAURUS we get grounded, finally. Taurus is sensual, the body,  tools,resources. Food, music, love, flirting, romance, flowers, fine wine, art. WE ALL LOVE THAT
The BULL MARKET? Bulls are still worshipped in India today, it is a very ancient practice around the world. Except in Spain. In Crete the Priestess women practiced bull jumping. The earliest known art, dating back 30,000 years is that of Bulls in the Caves of Lascaux,France and identified with the Constellation of TAURUS and the 7 stars of the PLEIADES.
cave star maps astrology Tara Greene tarot
30,000 year old cave paintings of Bull and Pleiades Stars
 as we enter the month of Taurus we need to work with our voices, sounding, singing, awakening our power.
The word/vibration sound is healing , the body the reed, the instrument. 
Many famous singers and Musicians are  Taurus
Bono of U2, Cher, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Roy Orbison, Bing Crosbie, Iggy Pop, Billy Joel, David Byrne, Enya, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Chris Brown, Willie Nelson and Pete Townshend of the Who,James Brown, Glen Campbell, Brien ENO, Joey Ramone, Enrique Iglesius
Charlie Mingus, Liberace, and classical composers Brahms and Tchaikovsky and Irving Berlin. 
That’s a lot of talent- plus many handsome and beautiful Movie STARS-
George Clooney, Uma Thurman, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchet,Pierce Brosnan,Rene Zellwegger, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Channing Tatum. 
GET EMBODIED get down to earth. VENUS IS Already in her home sign and relaxing, eating chocolates and soaking up the beauty.
Issues around money, getting strong, rooted, practical;walking your talk, loving your physical incarnation are all on the menu.
After ARIEs inspiration comes Taurus perspiration. 
April 20 
Mercury conjunct Uranus in the wee hours. Be awake in your dreams and listen to higher consciousness and brilliant insights at 9 degrees ARIES.
Where is that point in your chart? That’s where you need to revolt, molt, think outside the box, see the big picture.
It’s like the image of the STAR in the Tarot #17  AQUARIUS energy
For me its in my 5th house conjunct my Jupiter, that means creative projects that need my  love.
Yes action is now down to earth. ahh we’re all bloody exhausted.  Do slooowwww down. 
Moon enters VIRGO too
Now there’s 4 heavenly bodies in EARTH plus the SOUTH NODE.
VIRGO PERFECTIONIST organized Moon TRINES MARS AND the SUN so a great day to get those taxes done,and put on some great music and hum and snap your fingers through it too!
all writing is copyright TARA GREENE

The Rape of the world, Pluto Retrograde Astrology for the fearless

The Moon has entered more grounded peaceful pastures in Taurus April 10 -13 Ahhh.  We need  MORE EARTH.

That  Aries Backdraft has felt pretty Torrid and intense.

People with lots of fire planets  have felt it more whiz bangingly, and you?

Begin to Plant those sparks that were conceived on the ARIES New moon.

Mood is serious Thursday as Moon opposes Saturn in Scorpio- The Bull is toro’d by the Scorpio matador. There will be RED FLAGS  but watch out for hidden swords which may castrate.

El Toro then Trines Pluto – Bull market today? Power is in the air. Toro luna then sextiles Chiron there will be wounds to lick.

PLUTO  turns Retro April 11/12  @ 11 degrees 35 minutes Capricorn till September 20 @ 8.59 degrees 

Yes Pluto heads home to Hell, the Underworld. Where he belongs. Where the Soul lives.

Pluto spends about 5 months every year going Retrograde, the Feminine inward time..

I have been reading ancient  star lore myths, feeling the need to be more poetic,

Pluto Retro is the Soul {Feminine younger soul aspect Persephone} being raped by PLUTO- Lord of CHANGE

INTO THE DEPTHS of SELF – the Underworld is the INNERWORLD – not Hell as we moderns think of it for punishing souls

I am aware of the tragedy that women and girls are being raped physically ever day in the thousands

how the Earth herself is being raped by big Multinationals, MONSANTO, oil, mining, deforestation. It makes me sad.

MYTHOLOGICAL Psychologically Rape is in the story to force one to wake up – this is  Archetypal territory here

not to be taken literally, the myth of being wounded to grow and awaken is primal, it is part of life. The parents need to push the little bird out of the nest so it can fly, sometimes they hit the ground.

Not to mention Dictators and Plutocrats in the world and governments who are destroying conquering and killing

So be fearless  for these next months. What does your soul need to feed itself, to grow now?

As if your life depended on it. As Joseph Campbell says the myths still live within us.Through us.

The myth of ORPHEUS comes to mind, he sang and played beautiful music on his lyre, a harp like instrument

Orpheus Pluto Astrology Tara Greene Toronto

Pierre Amede Marcel-Beronneau
“ORPHEUS” 1897

Something about TAURUS the throat, music.soul music.

Orpheus was married and widowed on his wedding day and was so sad he made the perilous journey to Hell and played for Persephone and Hades so they would release his Beloved to life again. They agreed on the condition that Orpheus did not look back at his wife until they reached the upper world. All was well until they almost made it out when Orpheus, overjoyed turned to look at his beautiful wife and OH NO she vanished for all eternity back to Hades. Eventually a group of women tore him apart as he spurned all their romantic desires.

What’s the moral of this story? Be tough and never falter? Move on with acceptance and grace even though your heart is broken to bits?

 Has there been a time in your life when you were so grief struck by a relationship that ended that you felt you couldn’t live without them? Or perhaps they died? suddenly? You’d do anything to get them back but in the end it failed, you had to accept it. But part of you carried the heart break and refused to go back into and trust  life.

How much time have you spent being unable to let go and accept  live?

You can rewrite the Orpheus myth for yourself.

my mythical poetic astro advice is -go gently into that good night in the days and months ahead

learn to let go completely, let go of the story and the drama around it no matter how hard

I know people who have gone through this

and I know myself too ….Pluto and Neptune are in sextile assisting DEEP, VAST, SPIRITUAL HEALING now.

If you visit the underworld daily in meditation, you can venture into those vast inner worlds

you can meet anyone and morph into anything in any time and any dimensions, and in your dreams every night

We can meet and discuss this privately or in a group

I’d like to explore and meet with you more personally

Would you like to experience a guided mediation with me and a group of like-minded ASTRO souls??

email me 

we could set it up through face back a private page and email

we need this now, everything is shifting and shaking.

The rafters will rock April 12 at night as Saturn in Scorpio quincunx’s Uranus in Aries 9 degrees

Ya got planets here? I’d belt myself in. As in safety belt. Or any squares to the 9 degrees Cardinals

NEED A READING? get it now

I also offer healing for women who have been abused please email me

Earth Day,3 day New Moon,Taurus month,No bull Astrology by Tara Greene

 It’s Earth Day April 22 and how appropriate for Sun Moon Jupiter to be in the first earth sign Taurus. Some nice numerology 4/22 power and enlightenment. 22= the fool. speaking of Bulls, wasn’t Ferdianand considered foolish? but very wise was he, he loved roses.

Taurus ancient constellation

our ancient ancestors worshipped the Bull constellation Taurus shown here with primary stars the Pleiades and Orion

From April 19-May 20 It’s the time of the sacred Bull

Modern bull worship Wall street

From Pre-history our ancient ancestors worshipped the BUll and painting hundreds of drawings in the caves of Lascaux France.

Now in America HOw do we we worship the bull? We eat ‘em by the millions in the form of hamburgers, steaks, etc and we use the image of the Bulls strength and power in the modern worship of Taurus, Wall Street. The Bull looms Large.

Nandi, Shiva's Sacred Cow

Shiva's sacred cow Nandi Cow's are Holy and never eaten by Hindu's

For thousands of years in India, Hindu’s never eat cows as they are considered Holy. Shiva‘s sacred vehicle, all the god’s reside in the cow.

 In the Age of Taurus, 6,000 years ago, Bull’s were worshipped. Agriculture  begun, and the Bull was the animal that enabled humanity to settle down from being nomadic. In Ancient Egypt they celebrated the festival of the Apis Bull for seven days. The scared bulls were paraded through the streets in a holy procession. Any child who smelled the breath of  the Apis bulls were considered to receieve the ability to predict the future.  The bulls themselves were considered oracles. Food was offered to the Apis bull while a question was asked, if the bull ate the food it was a good omen and if he rejected it that was considered  bad. Yes Apis bulls and bees are related.  Taurus wa the sign, the constellation which heralded the Spring equinox in ancient Egypt, not Aries as we are accustomed to.

The Moon is associated with Taurus, and the glyph looks like the waxing and waning moon or a bull’s horns  the vull with the sun between horns

The Moon is considered to be exalted in Taurus, Venus is Taurus Ruling planet.

The ancient Minoan civilization of CRETE is probably best known for its acrobatic games of BUll Jumping. This was a Cirque du Soleil ancestor.

Crete Minoan Civilization

Bulls were considered sacred to the Goddess.

the Lacota Sioux Native American’s worship the Bull  as White Buffallo Woman who brought the most sacred Medicine pipe to this tribe

White Buiffallo Woman sacred bringer of the pipe

Since Bulls were once considered {and still are in India}, so HOLY and their meat not eaten. Modern western culture has turned the Bull worship upside down and we now shit on the Bull,whereas  in India cow dung was considered prescious and used for fuel. We have become big Bull shitters ourselves, we have no more sacred Cows, except the bottom dollar B.S. of Wall street and the almighty buck, but that’s another animal.

So in hacing turned the sacred cow into a profane burger we  become BULLIES in all aspects of ours culture. I loved finding that story about the Apis Bull’s breath and how children breathing it become prophetic. We are just now realising that bullying is dangerous, after having all been bullied by this top down, bullying, male dominated hierarchical structure. That is the negative bull. The archetype of Ferdinand, the soft feminine bull the server, is the real holy cow. 

So lets savour our Taurus month here which begins with a Taurus New moon April 21 with  Jupiter at 17 degrees of  Taurus plus Asteroids Ceres the Earth Mother herself at 4 degrees of Taurus, plus Lillith at 14 degrees. There is a Grand Trine in earth on the New moon  which also lasts till the 23rd. Virgo’s  and Capricorn get the big benefits. Lets not forget that Scorpio, Taurus opposite sign is always involved.

 - 10 ways to worship the BULL

1. Have delightful rose scented baths 2. eat lots of decadent chocolate 3. get &  give massages 4. don’t B.S.  anyone 5. eat very well, 6. garden 7. walk in Nature 8. don’t eat beef, 9. sit, dont do 10. enjoy being in the Garden of Eden and share it. Taurus rules the throat and they like to talk, although slowly. Yes get in the dirt and get down and dirty, plant your seeds that’s what Taurus time is all about.

Taurus is about the body, you Are your body,your soul needs the body, it is your temple, treat it well.

Taurus energy is Spirit grounding, It’s GUT INSTINCT

Psychic energy needn’t be all airy, or fiery, or watery. It is simply what your body tells  you, and the body never lies! so simply your life, your spirituality, just let your body talk.Guess what Taurus themed song it is?

 the New Moon lasts for 3 days, the number 3 is sacred to the Empress in the Tarot, 3 stages of womanhood, maiden, mother, crone.

so during the 3 dark days of the New Moon don’t go rushing out to plant seeds just yet -just stay in the VOID, from the 21-23

Listen, listen to your body, turn off your mind chatter,let go, be stubborn about this, this is the most fertile time Spring, this is Before seed planting time.


The New Moon is always the most feminine time of the month. Traditionally, women lived in small tribes, groups, communities. Ladies you know how it is when you live with other women, you all synchronize your monthly periods, don’t you? Well before the invention of electric light, thanks a lot Mr. Edison, who ripped off Nikola Tesla, BEfore that time, all women were bleeding on the New Moon. So the dark of the moon, was considered sacred, as menstrual blood was a very potent magical substance. Women would retreat just as the Dark Moon into caves, yurts, tipi’s, moon lodges, red tents to rest, renew,dream, pray,and receive renewal as they shed the uterine living.  They would bleed into the earth giving back to the earth mother. Menstrual blood was originally considered holy, potent, the liquor of immortality, because women bled and did not die. It was used as the first fertilizer.

So at this time whether you are “on your moon” or not. Act as if you are. go slow, rest, dream, be lazy. retreat. Be still and simply KNOW,that is Taurus’ essence.  Practice being TAurus like, chewing your cud, grazing on the grass,being gloriously bovine as much as possible.

Other favourite Taurus pastimes, art, music, dancing,  money,  love, practicality. Taurus is the first Fixed sign, and they hates change.

You don’t  have to be a Taurus

Everyone has  Taurus the sensuous bull in their astrology chart somewhere.Everyone does…

If you need bullish advice for integrating more Taurus into your life!

I do phone readings

 Listen to Lisa Thiel’s song WHITE BUFFALLO WOMAN

 Don’t avoid the void -TM Copyright Tara Greene.


Bull market,Taurus time,no BS, Astrology Advice Tara Greene,

April 19 @ 9:12 am PDT/ 12:12 pm EDT It’s TAURUS time!

Taurus is earthy

 Sun enters the earthy, SENSUAL, stubborn bull-headed, creative, couch potato, Body oriented, VENUS ruled feminine Sign of Taurus. Associated with the 2nd sign and house, Taurus is the tools, what I HAVE, I own, I keep. Security conscious, money oriented all Taurus wants to do is smell the roses, and get more beautiful things, stuff,  in the Garden of Eden that they already revel in. Chocolate, massages, fine perfumes, Taurus men can be quite vain.

TAUrus rules the throat, they are often excellent singers.

Things will turn from flighty Aries to slow as molasses Taurus when Moon enters Taurus April 20 9:05 pm PDT/ 12:05 am EDT

NEW MOON in TAURUS on APRIL 21 @ 12:20 am PDT/ 3:20 am EDT/ 7:20 am GMT  at 1 degree of Taurus

with Asteroid Ceres who is Goddess  of the Earth, of cereals, at 4 and Jupiter at 17 degrees.

Where is Taurus is in your natal chart? Any planets or house cusp or angles, is where you need to say YES! to your body, your senses, your basic desires. Get Grounded, stake your territory, revel in the earth plane, your body. Simply enjoy being here on the earth plane. It’s Spring! Slow down.. be come one with your animal nature.

VENUS the prominent player in 2012 rules Taurus. She is at 14 degreees of GEMINI on this New Moon and only  one degree away from her  June 5-6 occultation degree of the Sun 

There are a lot of very sensuously beautiful actors singers, actors who are Taurus.

BONO of U2, George Clooney, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox,Penelope Cruz, Enrique Iglesias,Kelly Clarkson,Cate Blanchett,Pierce Brosnan, Corey Monteith,Cher, Stevie Wonder, Shirley MacLaine, Uma Thurman,Renee Zellweger,Kirsten Dunst, Janet Jackson,Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell, Channing Tatum,  quite the group.

So become like the Bull, be a sponge and simply revel and soak up whatever THEY have. Imagine what they do, you do it too. Do take time to smell the roses. Celebrate the Taurus New Moon with a bath in rich dark chocolate…. get out the paints and make a pretty picture, play with the colors, sing, get massages…. you know. be lazy. I dont want to do anything by Bruno Mars the Lazy song is a Taurus  song…

Bull Taurus Art Picasso

and outlaw BULLFIGHTS! they are cruel Neanderthal spectacles.

And look at PICASSO he painted and drew so many Bulls, it wasn’t just that he was Spanish. He had 5 planets in Taurus!

The Mood: Bullish Monday Jan 30 EU crisis meeting and some Astrology tips from Tara Greene

Moon enters Bullish Taurus on Monday @ 1:28 am EDT and makes a Super Positive  conjunction with Jovial Jupiter @ 6:29 am.

Taurus the Bull Picaso

Picasso plate taurus

This translates as the big money deal, the big lucky break, the expansive vacation, the maxed out credit card, the super stubborn moments, the vast sensuality, the inspired artistic vision, super stud, overwhelmed by the scent of  roses,  the best massage/meal/you name it of your life.

Does the market go uberbullish?   Moon then squares Mercury @ 11:15 am, expect some communications head to heads.

There’s an EU crisis meeting today.  let’s have a quick look at the EU birth chart, click to see larger

EU astrology chart



 The EU created Nov 1, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. It is very heavily Scorpionic with 4 planets in Scorpio, I mean it has an exact Mars Pluto conjunction! There is always major power and control, big secrets and sabotage going on in the EU. It’s a veritable Pink Panther movie. Note the Steve Martin remakes during those years! 

 The chart shows the North Node the highest spiritual goal  3 degrees of Sagittarius a great and fitting place for foreign International trade and business. That point and the south node in Gemini have been squared off by wounded healer Chiron since 2011 and continuing now. The EU is on very shaky ground to say the least. 
CHIRON the Wounded Healer and the EU
As Neptune moves into Pisces on Feb. 3 for the next 14 years, we will see the dissolving of a lot of what the ideals of the EU stood for. For the EU to survive they would have to fully merge as One real union and I don’t think this is possible yet. As well Mars moving Retrograde right now will cross the EU charts’ Natal Chiron at 6 degrees of  Virgo March 17- Spring Equinox, a very important date and time as it heralds the real New Year and the “conception point” of Dec 21 2012.
The EU may defragment around spring of 2012. There will be much blaming and nit-picking around legal issues as well. It’s direction may dissolve then, or the strongest nation would have to take action, be more in control and  more of a leading factor over the whole EU. Which is not what the EU was supposed to be all about anyway. But up Euro’s as Monopoly funny  money souveniers now.  Who really wins if the EU falls is the real question.
Later the same day-

Then “Bull luna” squares the Sun Big Sol @ 11:10 pm and that looks like Huge sun spot solar flares and Northern Lights tonight!  If you have been feeeling woozy dizzy unbalanced the last week or so that is because of those huge solar flares destabilizing our electro-magnetic atmosphere and our individual bodies too. Staying grounded and calm in the eye of the Helios Hurricane, the magnetic solar storms and winds of change takes practice.

Let me know how this earthy moon affects you, can be blissfully bovine, seriously sensuous and lazy, don’t get out of bed or … what you make it.

 Remember when the universe bullshits you, make cowpies and use them to fuel your fire as they have done in India for thousands of years.

Blessings, TARA

please leave comments and join the dialogue please 

P.S. Due to Mars Retrograde and huge sunspot activity part of this article the meat of it where i discussed the EU chart got into a type snafu and I am fixing it now. Yes expect lots of nitpick-y annoying details to deal with while Mars is Retrograde in Virgo till April 14.  If you need a chill pill well if you must but “au natural” is much better, meditate, tone with your voice, take Himalayan salt crystal baths.   Pisces patience and compassion is to the rescue and on the way on Feb 3rd.


Mars needs women,Scorpio Full Moon,Mo’ No Bull market predictions from Tara Greene Astrology


MArs Need Women cheezy sexploitation movie

Aliens looking for 60's sex kittens

Mars needs women, Venus need Mars, not just leg shaving razors, not the book by John Grey, not a song in this case but planets pulling us into their gravitational fields

as .. Are you tired out from the face paced planetary line up since early April of Mars Uranus Sun Moon Jupiter and Mercury in Red Hot Aries! pant, pant,

The time is going by soooo fast, the fires of revolution they are a burnin’  well, the planetary pace is changin’, slowin’ down, getting grounded, Mars enters Venus’ sign + +


April 20 Sun entered Taurus, May 2-3 Taurus New moon started this present cycle

May 11 MARS entered Taurus,  May 15 VENUS entered her Home turf , Taurus and 1 hr later Mercury follow her into bullish hedonistic Taurus too.

You could call it           

May 17 Big Full Moon in Scorpio  @ 4:10 am PDT/ 7:10 am EDT/ 11:10 am GMT @ 26 degrees + puts 4 planets in Taurus opposed by La Luna in that lover of death, decay, nuclear energy, atomic radiation,the shadow, the collective unconscious, sex, power, control, secrecy, rebirth, transformation, the Whole Scorpiopera , all the big dramas! in Technicolour, with subtitiles!

Late in Scorpio this FULL MOON will set ya howlin’ like the wolf  

Howlin' Wolf old music poster

Spoonfull, smokestack lightnin'THIS VERY POWERFUL SCORPIO DEATH AND REBIRTH FULL MOON SHOULD BE USED WISELY! Meditation for Scorpio Howling Wolf Full Moon letting go Ceremony,I have been advising many of my clients to prep ahead of time for this death and rebirth ceremony. A full Moon is always a fullness, a completion, fertile, we'll hoot like an owl, and howl like Howlin' Wolf. Think about all that does NOT serve you anymore,everything that you wish to shed, whether it be pounds, boy/girlfriends, relationships, debts, jobs, cars, lifestyles, ideas, emotional ties,The hidden catch is to discover the shadow side of why you have held onto all these things, pounds, relationships etc. because they have served some kindof shadow, unclaimed,unacknowledged force in your life. No matterhow hard, difficult, painfull, unwanted, undesirable, downright messy and unhealthy all of "it" is,it has been serving a purpose for you, which you need to dig through all the Scorpio crap pile to get to the bottom of, like Labour # 5 the Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean stables.Herculean Task of cleaning the crap


 So, take this task to heart, time to thank all your crap for serving you well, and time to flush it away under a Scorpio full Moon,

This is a prerequisite for allowing new growth, a Taurus theme. It’s all coming together.

Out with the old in with the new.  Something borrowed something blue.

At the day of the Full Moon cast a circle, I use a Native American, pagan wiccan traditional mix.

You should have a large basin of water, a steel basin would be good, as it is silvery like the moon, at the center of your circle, some seeds, some earth,

Call in the 4 directions, the spirits of the Elements,  beginning with the EAST, place of Fire SPIRIT, Light, Illumination, passion, action,inspiration

Move clockwise always to the South, the place of water, the heart, the emotions, flow, trust, Scorpio is a Water sign,

Move to the West, the place of  Death, rebirth, the Feminine, the Earth,intuition, the dream, receiving,

Move to the North, place of air, wind, breath, wisdom, the mind, communicating, ideas

say out loud, what you are gratefull for, all those things that have up until  now! been the “bain of your existance”

think about them, go into detail, tell it like it is to the Spirits of the directions you have invoked, you have called them in, they are listening,

take your time, the more emotional, heartfelt, true your ” confession” and thanks are the  better results you will get,

 remember it is YOU who are creating the release ceremony, the Spirits help, Intention is everything,

dont worry or be self-conscious about doing it right, there isno right or wrong just tell it like you feel it from your heart,crying is good,

letting anger well up and safely shout it or stamp it out is cleansing, express yourself! you are safe in your circle.

when you feel ready, direct all that into the basin of water, the basin is like the Scorpio Moon, reflective, cleansing,

let go! release that which no longer serves to help you function in a certain way, into the water. see it flow from you into the basin.

Empty yourself completely, take your time,

Neptune the planet of spirit imagination, dreams, fantasy, is at the very beginning of Pisces, aiding and abetting everyone’s dreams these days,

Chiron the wounded healer is close by at 5 degrees of Pisces, the world’s wounds, the collective wound, your wound is all One story one Universe,

 which I refer to as the Yoniverse.  Feeling the sense of cleaning your and the collective wounds at one is very powerful and helpfull.

You can ask if there are any linger, little negatives that still dont wanna come out in the wash, if so deal with these damned spots in the dirty laundry,

ask them what their purpose is, send them love and let them go,

Where does the Mars need women come in?  Mars in Venus’s territory, Venus on her own Turf, Mercury the Sun and soon JUPITER too! on June 4

is a colloquial way of imaging the Taurus/Venus conection.  Having 4 planets in Taurus is earthy, is REAL, grounding, seed planting, fertile,

so the next step is to have a little pot of earth ready, and when you feel ready take the seeds in your left hand which represent what you want to plant

and say out loud, these seeds I now plant symbolize… and state that which you are planting to grow now that you are empty, ready and receptive,

again be conscious of every word you are saying, Taurus rules the throat chakra, taurus usually speak slowly, thinking about what they are going to say,

be stubborn and purposefull in yoru intention of what you want to see grow,w hat you’d like to harvest,

you also must promise to tend the tender seeds, the hsoots, weed the garden, water, feed, aerate, watch over, protect, in other words

 be constantly mindfull,to watch and tend the seeds od yoru own Self growth till they sprout mature and flower. when you are ready

Then close the cirlce by thanking all the Elements for being present, relasing them back to their realm and direction. then next..

Take the basin of water of your old troubles and negativity, your ignorance, dissilusion,etc. out to the earth if possible, ask the Earth Mother for her permission or acceptance, or give it to a tree, always first asking permission. Or to a river or lake, the ocean. If nonatural solutions are nearby then dump it in your toilet, but also with reverance.

Make sure you watch your soil your seeds carefully, they need to be in the dark and warm at first.

RELATIONSHIPS is what al that earthy Taurusness is all about

Get sensual, give get massages, do yoga, sing, vocalize, eat, cook, prep food, enjoy eating slowly savouring every nuance, be a gourmet during Taurus time,

dance, be in your body. Get LAzy, that Bruno MARS song- The LAzy Song is the perfect  TAURUS time song.

 So be present,stay outta your head, appreciate Nature, plant the seeds, get REAl, dirty, earthy, natural, THIS is the Garden of Eden already to Taurus.

everyone should relate to each other very simply, salt of the earthy type of thing. But oh what about the stubbornness?

well you will find yourself locking horns, with other Ferdinand’s, Elsies and Bossy Bovines. Just slow down and remember to smell the flowers.

And oh what about the Market?  This may be the last stand for the proverbial Bull Market as it is a complete cycle..


On May 17 1792, {co-incidentally my house # is 1792} The New York Stock Exchange was born on Wall Street. to read more about the history

with all that extra TAurus planetary energy propping up the Market on its’ 219th birthday. 219 years!!! why that synchronizes with a Metonic cycle.

 219 years refers to the Metaonic cycle an Astronomical measurement  from  Meton; Ancient Greece c.450-c.400 BCE The period of whole days over which the visible lunar and solar periods almost re-synchronize, namely 6 939.65 days, = 234.998 7~ synodic months = 19.000 1~ mean tropical years. The difference between 235 synodic months and 19 mean tropical years is barely 2 hours.

19 tropical years differ from 235 synodic months by about 2 hours. The Metonic cycle’s error is one full day every 219 years, or 12.4 parts per million
which means we’ve come full circle! 

If that isn’ a Scorpio theme of Orobourous the snake eating it’s tail, the ALCHEMICAL symbol then I dont know what is.

We’re back to where we began in the NY Stock exchange game with a bunch of extra planets energizing it.

We’ve gone round and round and round in the circle game ‘er rather the shell game, shell, Exxon, BP, etc.  for a complete cycle. So what’s next?

sound like time for a make over at the NYSE. Revision of laws, the Fed Reserve already controls everything.  U.S. dollar gets demoted back to 1792 levels.

We gotta get ourselves back to the garden, sang Joni Mitchell, also wrote the Circle game…

and those beautiful Venusians? Women need those Martians too. 

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

 For all you TAURUS people well shine in your cleft hooves while you may, cause by Mid- June  only 2 planets will be left in your sign.

But LUCKY TAURUS you get Jupiter in your sign this year and next!!! Anybody who wasboen with Jupiter in Aries like moi, got the blinding fast

version of Jupiter at top speed racing through Aries only from Jan 22- June 4th!!!!!  seems pretty fast furious and rare to me.

So get your last Firey bit of Jupitarian start ups going now!

On June 1st with Jupiter at that very last critical degree of Aries there’ll be a GEMINI SOLAR ECLIPSE at 11 degrees+. so that one will launch a lot of ships.

I’ll write about that a bit later.

So there’s still some time to utilize Jupiter’s magical Wish fulfilling, door opening, Wheel of Fortune pizazz as he is King of the Gods,

aka  THOR in Norse mythology, notice theyve just come out with a blockbuster, what else with his huge hammer, whadya’ expect?


enjoy nature, relax a bit, be lazy, rest up. The world is going through huge changes, just be real, no BS during Taurus time.

And outlaw bull fighting as well. Try not to eat beef, honour those sacred cows. The Egyptians and Hindus still honour cow gods and goddesses.

try bull riding, in ancient Minoan civilization in Crete it was women’s favourite sport

women rode bulls who were the Goddess's animals

the bull's horns are symbols of the Moon

 If you are a Scorpio you will feel an exit-stage-left pull to one side.  It will ground your emotions. If you are a Leo you will also feel pressured by the 4-5 planets in Taurus challenging your bully rite to rule. If you are an Airy Aquarian, the bullish planets will bring your lofty dreams, your mission from Higher cosmic forces to the test and in 3-D. Space cadets must land now.  Other signs? well everyone has taurus somewhere int heir astrology chart.

Whevever t he Sign of Taurus is, is where you can make it real, flesh it out, take  stand, protect your land, stand by your man,

If you need advice…





for the whole spiel on this classis Sci Fi wham Bam thank u M”amm  but dont go away yet

May Day specials/Mercury Retrograde/Mother’s Day

May Day Specials on Readings -go to

If you’ve been biting your nails and keeping those midnight fires burning pouring over all those numbers, sorting through receipts, trying to remember just what you did last year, what you can write off or not, well your deadline approaches Thursday at midnight. The end is in sight, no more thinking about all that and dealing with your accountant for a whole year again, whewh, for most of us.

Mercury also enters Gemini that day the 30th of April at 3:29 pm PDT/ 6:29 pm EDT/ 11:29 pm GMT it’s home territory, but, not for long, Mercury-the messenger, the hermaphrodite, that fleet footed communication, computers, consciousness ruler is exiting stage left, that is backing out of the driveway on May 6th @ 9:55 pm PDT/ May 7th @ 12:55 am EDT/May 7th 4:54 am GMT for it’s 2nd time this year.


This is a bumper crop year for Retrogrades this year , 4 mERCURY Retrograde periods this year, usually there’s 3. Venus and  Mars both take a spin and there are additional Eclipses USUALLY 2 SOLAR AND 2 Lunar

this year-2 Solar and 4 lunar eclipses!


Heading from home territory back to Taurus turf,I guess Mercury in his usual unable to make up his mind, forgot his clothes, I-Pod, a favourite desert dish, to smell the roses, liked lazing around in bed for a change because what with the Internet Mercury’s working waaay overtime but of course he loves it! needed to think about making money what with people’s consciousness of the Economy these days, write a song, etc.

Anyways thinking should be more practical,grounded, earthy, sensual, while Mercury hoofs his way through Taurus territory-that’s May 6th until MAY 30th when he stops and turns direct again, and then things start to go forwards.


Will it be a BULL market?  Seems likely,as Mercury just spent almost 3 weeks in Taurus already bringing that dismal March stock exchange up since April 9th. But temporary, food prices up, possibly mad cow disease rearing its ugly head again, swine flus, animal diseases coming up in the news. Try becoming a vegan, Mercury retro means changing reversing all the usual trends. I forewarn you to expect the usual snafus, computer viruses, miscommunications etc., It’ll take until June 16th till Mercury gets back up to 1 degree 45 mins where he last turned direct so in fact not much moving forwards till then.

So whatever you thought you missed, glossed over, didn’t say or do,  regretted should be revisited with a clearer review and intentions in mind.  We’re all getting a repreive, another Re-tro word and Spring is finally here so take this Mercury Retrograde in Taurus time to let your brain have a rest, this gives us all time to get grounded in our thinking, be practical, enjoy life in all its sensual power and beauty, refuse to be bossed around, there’s more important things to do like revel- another of those re words in natures abundance, sip fine wines, enjoy the feelof the sun and spring breezes on our bare skin.


What does this mean? All things old will be new again, think gingham, apple pie, traditional, apple cider, home cookin’, sock mending,roast beef dinner on Sunday, pot roast, sausages, hey-what happened to that vegan idea? -turnips,kraft dinner, cheeze whiz, spam, Goodwill shopping, crocheting, needlepoint, pancake brunches, etc. O.K. i’m overdoing this a bit. Mercury is still in Gemini so…

The Moon will be in Sagittarius on Mom’s Day meaning that the emotional tone, the “planet” that rules women on  this special Women’s day  will be firey, gypsy-ish, she wants to travel, see exotic new things, be philosophical, get her some new books to read, enroll her in a new course on meditation or yoga, take Mom out to eat something she’s never tried before, and definitely most definitely take Mom to have her Tarot cards read!

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