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My own interpretations of the unfolding drama of the planets, stars, asteroids, newbies, fixed stars, archetypal astrology, archeo-astronomy, psychology, meditations, information, what this means for you. I am a professional Astrologer since 1990.

EARTH TRINE abundance harvest the riches

Moon is in VIRGO as of this morning.

Moon is opposite Neptune planet of dreamers.

The reality vs the dream balance is needing our attention. Pay attention to your dreams tonight.

There is a bountiful beautiful EARTH TRINE later tonight/ tomorrow EST
The VIRGO Moon Trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN- which makes it good for Taurus too.

yoga body temple Tara Greene

VIRGO  is the sign of frugality, budgets, health, the harvest. VIRGO is the sign of the GODDESS.

PLUTO, ruler of Scorpio is the planet of soul riches, death and rebirth, research, the shadow.

Trines are easy blends of the planets energy.  You need to work it.

If you have planets/angles at 6-16 degrees EARTH SIGNS you are in the direct path of this energy. All signs can benefit from this practical sensual, blessing.

The main questions to MEDITATE on:

What needs to be harvested or culled to allow new growth and abundance?


Is my work fulfilling my deeper needs?

What is holding back on my flow of abundance with the Universe?

What is my body telling me? All earth signs are sensuous. We are all here in the physical. The body never lies. If you have been feeling physically resistance to something or impaired ask the body what it is that’s bothering you.


There is a technique called Focussing which was a main method of the psychological training I went through 20 years ago. The premise is that the body knows, you already have all the answers. You just simply need to tune in ask and wait.   So do a body scan to check out, like muscle testing- does this feel right or not? Ask for an image of what all that is. You may need to keep working with the images. Then you work with that image. The Tarot is be used in this way to facilitate a process of feedback and answers until you get to the core issue. You will know. It will feel right, energy will be released. It is a eureka moment.

At the very least honor you body. It is your temple. It is your souls’s temple

Get a message, walk in nature, GIVE THANKS FOR ABUNDANCE and RICHES in your life. Do Abundance prayers, praise your body as the Temple of the SOUL.

I just had a conversation with my spiritual friend in Sedona. She was doing abundance prayers.

VENUS enters Sagittarius tomorrow morning.

LOVE is shifting into more passionate, light-hearted, honesty. Will write more soon.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Physical -Olivia Newton-John  

Full speed Dream boat by Tara Greene

NEPTUNE turns direct Nov 15/16 

It’s full speed ahead on the Dream Boat. With great relief we will all be feeling out of the “out of it” fog, the avoidance -a void dance, clearing the fantasies, illusions, addictions and back to the reality of building solid practical dreams.

Dream Boat Astrology Tara Greene

NEPTUNE the planet of illusions,  creativity, Higher love, compassion, forgiveness, yoga, debt  and addictions turns DIRECT after being Retrograde since June 9, that over 5 months of being in the doldrums.

Haven’t you been feeling this? I know I have,

Reveries you have been revamping all of this time can be made manifest now. 

Neptune was at 7 degrees 36 minutes when it went Retro. It turns direct at 4 degrees 47 minutes of PISCES.
Neptune is still with in 1 degree of the ROYAL STAR FOMALHAUT- aka ARCHANGEL GABRIEL.

We have been under ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S protection for many months now.  Make sure you follow and integrate the messages you received. Mine are going into my book.

If you have been feeling very psychic the last few months will no psychic boundaries this is also attributed to Neptune sitting with the Archangel Gabriel. 

If the Archangel has been sending you aural messages, do bring them into a song, a painting, a message or some healing inspiration. Use the angelic guidance to be with you always. This was a very rare once in a lifetime connection. Give thanks to Gabriel.

Neptune has been sitting almost totally still exactly on my NORTH NODE in Pisces for the last while and also squaring my Sagittarius SUN at 6+ degrees.

If you have planets, angles,angles/angels at these degrees or in Square -0-8 degrees Sagittarius, or 0-8 degrees Gemini or in opposition in VIRGO at these same degrees you know personally whereof I speak.

Neptune Retrograde has been driving OCD Virgo’s absolutely nuts.  DO I hear AYe’s from you Virgins?


Neptune transits also bring a danger of being beguiled by a guru or projecting a spiritual perfection onto another person -especially in a love relationship. If you have met someone in the last year and you are under “hard” aspects from Neptune then you will now slowly start to see the illusion you have projected onto them slowly dissolve.  The real person may not be the SOUL MATE, or TWIN FLAME you thought they were. This may prove to be very startling as the rose-colored glasses come off.


Anything that has seemed TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE is always a by-product of a NEPTUNE transit. The real estate deal, the coaching promises, the investments, etc.  I have counselled many a foggy client who also have been avoiding making decisions over these past few months under this  transit. People cannot believe me that a planet way out there, NEPTUNE God of the Oceans, whose orbit crosses with Pluto’s at times, can affect us so much down here on our tiny little blue ball. But it does. 


As SATURN gears up to enter SAGITTARIUS on December 23 2014 

Saturn in Sagittarius will begin to form a Square to NEPTUNE in PISCES. This is the beginning of a longer term square that happens late in 2015 and in to 2016. Saturn is the planet of REALITY, hard work, long-term goals, career,efficiency, business, maturity. Saturn in Sagittarius is only the truth, the hard, cold truth.

Saturn gives the benefits of discipline and the ability to kick addictions especially to credit card debt- which Neptune rules. You will be able to get sober and stay that way. 

Sagittarius is the 3rd Fire elemental, the 9th sign, is the sign of Justice,  Integrity, Inspiration, Humor and Higher learning. Many fly by night fantasies will be toasted like so many marshmallows in Sagittarius’s truth fire.

Saturn is the architect, the builder, so building boundaries against being a Pisces martyr, a psychic sponge and feeling too much of other people’s emotions is the modus operendi.  We can’t actually help anyone or the world if we are overwhelmed by too much emotion. One can choose to build permeable psychic boundaries and choose which type of emotions and energies you allow into your psychic space and inner sanctum.

Are your goals, dreams, romances, spiritual experiences able to stand the test of time in Saturn’s hard-core density of reality and Sagittarius higher truth?

Now would be the time to do the prep as Saturn will spend most of 2015 in late degrees of Scorpio, where we can research and forge new transformed identities. Sounds exciting to me. 

 I have been in LA LA land and it was fab while I was in Sedona in September. Its been so hard for me to stay focussed. So bare with me dear reader. I am needing to write less lengthy articles. I am needed to write for other sites and to get teaching courses together and get my book finished.

Please share wisely.

Your feedback is really necessary.

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Lady of Dreams -Kitaro 

5 Countries That Take Astrology Way More Seriously Than You Do

5 Countries That Take Astrology Way More Seriously Than You Do – MySign.

Heartfelt Optimistic Power day

We are into LEO Moon Big hearted generous over the top BIG Drama until late Nov 14 PST.

Nov. 13 There  was 3 quincunx’s from Moon to PLUTO CHIRON AND MARS

big PROUD ego’s bruise sensitive spiritual feelings. Plutocratic power-hungry ghosts and vulnerability meet in an awkward stand-off. Did you feel that? 


Inspirational Card of the Day

LUST Strength Tara Tarot psychic events


this aspect is virtually in effect til; Nov 14  through Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon Square Sun Moon square Venus.Two fixed signs- Scorpio, Fixed water and Leo fixed fire, face off.

These are the two biggest objects in the solar system. The SUN the source. Jupiter- the God King, LEO is ruled by the SUN.

Jupiter will remain in Leo till September 2015,so  Jupiter is overruled by whatever sign the Sun is passing through. This is a big expansive optimistic, feel good day. 

Jupiter is always faith, optimism. If you met with some difficulties that is the SUN SATURN VENUS energies which are also close by. With Scorpio Sun there may be deep hidden lessons and undertones which surface.

All that glitters doesn’t always look like gold. Sometimes it can look like the densest blackest shadow.

 Scorpio’s job is to transcend being that unconscious, egotistic LEO-like  user and rise above its primitive instincts to sting to become the LION, the protector, expressive, heart felt king who serves with pride. Dont expect anyone to back down from anything under those aspects.

Fri Nov 14  Moon CONJUNCTS Jupiter in LEO early A.m.

EARLY BIRDS get the results. Stay positive in spite of the heavy aspects all week. 

Moon squares Sun- 

We are Halfway to next  NEW MOON Nov 22 11/22 AT zero degrees SAGITTARIUS

We’re almost in Sagittarius upbeat times.

LEO Moon squares SATURN & Venus- cocktail hour 

A big-hearted generous and serious time.  Saturn is sobering serious and reality goal focused.

This may be a difficult challenging time for Leo and Scorpio,Taurus and Aquarius at latter degrees.. You should see clearly what you love, what you want to put your heart into.  Where your passion lies. 

If you have been confused or unsure about your direction use this day to focus on this question. 

What makes my heart sing? What is worth pursuing as my highest goal? What do I FEEL I want to put my heart into?

The card of LEO/ STRENGTH/ LUST  is the way to discover the answer.

It’s very simple and straightforward. Whatever turns you on, feels good, lights you up.  In a positive good way.Thats what you do.

LEO relates to performing and creative self- expression;  dancing, singing, experimenting with art and improv are a great means of discovering new directions. The card shows the anima feminine instincts riding the Pleasure principle. Traditionally this card is about controlling passion and lust.

A tarot and Astrology reading is a great way to find your passion path:

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Kim Kardashian sexy big Asstrology by Tara Greene

Kim Kardashian ‘s  A$$TROLOGY REVEALED November 12

Kim Kardashian gives new meaning to the A$$trology term aSSpects.

Kim Kardashian ass Tara Greene

Kim Kardashian gives new meaning to the ASStrology term ASSpects.

For the next few days the two sexiest planets- Mars & Venus  are screwing around in totally different directions creating some historical firsts.

Mars in Capricorn exactly square to URANUS in ARIES 

Mars = MEN, sex drive, violence, aggression, passion. In Capricorn=history, big business, architects, building.

In Square to Uranus= the Internet, weird, hi tech, inventions, revolutionary.  In Aries = new, spontaneous, ground breaking  action, sex,adventures and directives.


VENUS conjunct Saturn in Scorpio with SUN nearby . Venus= women, money, values,beauty, sex, erotic, relationships, luxury.  Saturn= limits, obstacles, testing, time, history, careers,worldly power.  In Scorpio=secrets, sex, ruthless manipulations, research, rebirth. Sun = brought to light.

Guess which ASTROLOGY sign  rules the BOOTY?

Kim Kardashian Astrology Tara Greene

KIM K.  born with her LIBRA SUN at the 29th degree of the sign of BEAUTY, luxury, relationships.

She has PLUTO the sign of the PLUTOCRATS, power, control, sex, ruthlessness, conjunct her  SUN. This is big power, big money.

Kim also has the FORBIDDEN DARK GODDESS LILITH conjunct her LIBRA SUN. She is enacting Lilith as sex Goddess and temptress.

LIBRA rules the BOOTY don’t you know?  I know you thought it was URANUS.But that’s a planet, which rules the sign of Aquarius which rules the INTERNET.

The cover says Break the Internet.

Kim happens to have MERCURY- her communications planet  conjunct to URANUS- O.K. take it literally

 in SCORPIO- sign of sex, power, manipulation in square to her natal North node in LEO- where else?

Her highest spiritual goal is to be THE SEX QUEEN- ROYALTY, the goddess, worshipped, drama, big hearted, in her 8th house of “other people’s money- which she is good at attracting by the millions.

Her south NODE is in AQUARIUS, ruled by that planet- her anus, in her 2nd house or Resources, the body- and communicating, breaking boundaries, revolutionary. That indicates her past lives, and storyline.  

Nov. 12 whats happening in Kim’s chart?

SUN is exactly on Kim’s MERCURY at 19 degrees SCORPIO

VENUS- bEAUTY,  is at 23 degrees SCORPIO on her natal URANUS-  It’s impossible to avoid like her butt.

SATURN -planet of karma,is at 25 degrees Scorpio conjunct to her natal URANUS, 

You can’t make this stuff up folks!

JUPITER the planet of BIG, GRANDE, over the top, or bottom is in LEO connected to Kim’s NORTH NODE.Well I guess this is Kim’s highest spiritual goal. To be the biggest richest fattest, most vain, ass Queen of the world.

O.K. is all I can say.   What do you think?

Nicki Minaj, a Sagittarius Girl, but also famous for her BIG BOOTY has her PLUTO- her money maker guess where?

28 degrees of LIBRA- exactly on Kim’s SUN. 

Who makes this stuff up I ask you?


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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I IKE BIG BUTTS – Sir Mix-A-Lot 

ANACONDA- Nicki Minaj  



Inspirational Card if the Day

Nov 12 

feeling very dizzy today. CME’s always do this to me.  I am needing to work on my book and finishing my 2015 predictions folks.


Magic Tarot Tara Greene


Psychic Tarot Oracle THE MAGICIAN

#1 The Magician is consciousness

AWARENESS IS Everything, I was communing with my spirit guides last night from 4:00 – 5:30 am. I will write about this more. Your awareness, your consciousness is everything. You are the Magician. What you choose to focus on is what you will manifest. 

What magic will you create today?




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It’s Magic – Pilot 

ov. 12

Dancing with the stars, highs and lows

11:11 MAKE wishes, go through the gateways.

Moon is in Cancer, doing the OLDE Cardinal Cross fire thing.

You know one two, oppose Pluto and Mars, three four.

Square Uranus. You know the steps already don’t you?

IT’S TRINING TIME AGAIN… good for all water signs

11:11 Moon Trines Chiron in Pisces- old familial emotional healing

Moon trines Sun in Scorpio – emotionally deep connections


Great for tuning into imagination, spiritual highs, merging into UNITY.

Moon trines VENUS in Cancer late on the 11th PST

Very sweet and sexy, what more could you ask than emotional safety and sexy? This repeats on the 12th EDT

Cancer MOON TRINES SATURN in Scorpio  in the wee hours.

this is a mamma and pappa HaPPY FAMILY LOVE AFFAIR

MOON ROARS IN TO LEO @ 10:44 am PST/1:44 pm EST.

Things will be HOT HOT HOT till Saturday.

MOON is distinctly ALL ABOUT ME now. Strutting, courage, leadership, DRAMA.

MARS-reactivates some sensitive issues sextiling Chiron

and later in the day RE-IGNITES THE LIGHTNING STRIKE – squaring URANUS.

It may feel like you are being electro-shocked by these life changing events. And you are.

Think of it as a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS light bulb!

The Big Bright Idea that rocks the world, your world, our world.

Some people are themselves ready to be the lightning bolt- to demolish the old tower of false egos, or to be like the Flash, or Harry Potter’s scar, to rally against the evil negative powers. 

It is like being struck by lightning. The TOWER card in the TAROT.

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

Note the planet MARS ruling this card.


Ready for some serious love commitments? This is the day to tie the knot, make a proposal, sign a long-term contract or get out of one.

This is serious sex. Loving the dirt, the shadow. Owning your shadow so as not to project it onto “others.”

The kiss of death is one way of thinking about this. Which can be a good thing.

The kiss of death to bad habits, or bad bosses,or depression or what you will.

MARS rules Scorpio so we could see this as s trigger to love your shadow so much, you GET IT!

The Uranian Lightning bolt of higher consciousness and unity, that this is all one big shadow play. That there is no “other.”

Leo Moon is quincunx to Neptune

If your ego is still in the way- you wont see the rainbow bridge.

Moon squares Mercury  just before midnight PDT

Lots to think about and debate.


The hard aspect of MARS PLUTO won’t necessarily be felt instantly.

This is just one more stick of dynamite in the long series of trigger points. 

Its kind of like cosmic acupuncture on the universal body.


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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11:11 Remembrance day gateway to ascension

11:11 is Remembrance day.Originally a Commonwealth nations date to remember soldiers who have died in service to their country since 1919.The red poppy was chosen as the symbol for the fallen soldier’s blood which was spilled in war during WW1. It is now celebrated in many other countries world-wide.

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, a minute of silence is observed.

DO you see 11:11 all the time? The phenomenon has been documented and displays inordinate amounts of Synchronicity.

11:11 Tara Greene psychic

from 11:11 tv logo website

What is synchronicity? Defined by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920 it is events which are  a “falling together in time.”a

simultaneity beyond mere cause and effect.

In modern terms synchronicity is understood to be quantum physics and New age LAW OF ATTRACTION.

I believe that 11:11, is a pre-encoded WAKE UP to your higher consciousness symbol. I was born November 29 which is 11:11. 29 reduces to 11 in the Tarot. If you are born November 11 or November 22 you have a similar built in reminder to WAKE UP. 

Some people believe when you see 11:11 you should MAKE A WISH

The modern 11:11 phenomena was started  by an American spiritual teacher and channeler named Solara who initiated the symbol of 11:11 into mainstream consciousness with her book The Star-Borne. 

A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones published in October 1989.

Solara created and led ceremony’s to open the doorway and honor the 11:11 remembering on January 11-12 1992 worldwide.   I participated in this in Florida at the time. It is 22 years since that time, another MASTER NUMBER and the HIGHER OCTAVE of 11:11. 

The number 11 is a MASTER NUMBER, it is associated with MEMORY.

11 is identical units together. 1 + 1 = 2. # 2 is Feminine. 11 is both masculine and feminine. It is union.

The 11 is a symbol of the twin pillars in Solomon’s Temple. They are pictured on the Tarot Trump cards of The High Priestess trump #2, which is the reduction of 11. The link with the  #2 as the Unconscious, intuitive, psychic feelings is very important.#2 is the womb, the mother, and cellular memories as the ocean of all experience.

11 symbolizes duality and ONENESS. It is a gateway. The digital pattern of seeing 11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger to being present in the now and re-membering who one really is spiritually. 

 The Master #11 symbolizes the highest human potential can reach the highest spiritual potential. 11 is a link between all possibilities, infinite potential.

So on 11:11 yes do pay respects for those men and women who have died in battle defending true freedom. 

But tune into the higher aspects of REMEMBERING who you really are and why you are here.


At 11 minutes after eleven in the day and night please spend 11 minutes at each time meditating on this.

This is what I did with thousands of other participants in 1992.

There is an active part of the meditation and a passive part to the meditation where we experience both a masculine and feminine frequencies of yin /yang.

In the morning in daylight is the masculine active part of consciousness.

It is best to do this on an empty stomach. Best not to have caffeine or alcohol or other toxins- alcohol or drugs in your body.

Do some light stretching and deep breathing at first.

Then get comfortable in a sitting position on a chair or on the floor. It’s best to have your feet on the floor uncrossed or in a yoga lotus position if that is comfortable for you. 

Begin by watching your breath, and watching the mind, begin to slow down the thoughts and be the breath awareness.

Spend 11 minutes in asking seeking and watching the mind, being in that state but not identifying with the ego/mind’s issues.

At 11:11 p.m. in your local time zone at night when we are under the Moon’s feminine influence. The meditation is done in an open, receptive, asking way.

Follow the same beginning procedures.

Sit or lie down with the intention of staying relaxed yet awake. 

Spend 11 minutes watching your breath, and being empty, open, receptive, listening. Visualize yourself as an empty vessel, cup or chalice. 

Write down or take note or whatever images, sensations, feelings, came to you. 

Considering the intense energies that we are under planetary wise with the MARS PLUTO conjunction in Capricorn which remains in effect till November 12. 

I would also do the 11:11 meditation for 11 days in a row if that feels right to you.

That would take you to Nov, 21 the night before a New moon and the Sun at the very last degree of Scorpio the most powerful one. 

If that feels right then continue doing this meditation for as long as you wish.


All writing is copyright of TARA Greene

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11:11 meaning




love or above, astrology

Nov 9 

with that airy childlike yakkety yakky Gemini Moon all day the mood is generally HAPPY. 

Moon quincunx’s & Venus early in the day

don’t you fret none too long.  Eat your bagels and lox read the New York Times or whatever your Sunday morning relaz ritual is- jogging, couch potato,,,and know that  the WINDS OF CHANGE  are blowing

Moon changes her whims and sextiles  JUPITER.

BIG aspect of the today is

VENUS in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo at 12:41 pm PST/ 3:2` pm EST

 its very  va va voom, sexypot, BURLEQUE SHOW

Venus in Scorpio astro horoscope Tara Greene

VENUS in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo

VENUS in Scorpio- a la Bettie Page, struts her sensuous stuff,

scores what she wants, deeply passionate, a controlling,vixen, scheming,


Scorpio rules the pelvis and sex organs, bump and grind it, 

and Jupiter in Leo- amps that up. Big SHOW time. 

Very fertile if you are trying to get pregnant. these two planets are bountiful.

at 21 degrees of Fixed signs this is also benefic for AQUARIUS and TAURUS>

Its the big tease, dramatic,  strong willed, passionate, ego strutting.

Can be gold digging. Be careful of vanity and pride.

These planets open your heart. Time to be generous to your family and those you love.

You know that love or above expression? 

That is Venus square Jupiter, Jupiter is the king or Queen of expression.

Treat your lover like royalty, let them know what you feel in your heart, be courageous, bold. 

These two planets demand LOVE. 

Yes Over the top drama. Depends on what type of dramas you create.

Moon quincunx Serious Saturn after 3:00 pm PDT

alright the shows over, no more fun. get back to work.

Get ready for the Moon’s entry into sensitive home loving Cancer on Monday 

12:38 am PDT/3:38 am EDT 

The people are symbolized by the moon.

BIG MARS PLUTO wham bam thing on Monday

Run for cover. Stock up on comfort foods, 

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Gold Digger Kanye West Jamie Foxx 





Before the Dementor storm, Inspirational card

Have you been finding yourself and others to be very short-tempered the last week ? Feels as if all charm and patience has left the planet?

That’s Mars and Pluto dancing cheek to cheek in Capricorn and squaring Uranus too.

Mars and Pluto, symbols of war and death;  are embodying DEMENTOR energy. It’s quite an apt description.  

What do you think?

We must exert effort to feel happy and above it all.

Well we can sorta chill and forget our Stormy Monday upcoming date with Mars & Pluto with a Gemini moon all weekend.

Yes let’s be light as the breeze, shooting it, winging it, etc.

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces in the wee hours.

You will be dialectic, diabolical,and dancing the two-step in your dreams.

Things are quirky on Nov. 8 with 2 quincunxes from Moon to MARS AND PLUTO.

we’re beginning the intro… feels irreconcilable….

MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO- see my previous article 

to take everyone’s mind DOWN THERE.

Gemini Moon squares Chiron- 

feelings will be hurt but pretend to ignore it.

Moon sextiles Uranus

for some outlandishly wild sparklingly witty conversations.

Lets get a card of the day for inspiration shall we?

Inspirational Card of the day

Alchemy rainbow Tara Greene Psychic

MYTHIC TAROT #14/ Alchemy 


Traditionally called Temperance, its meaning symbolizes the blending together of two opposing forces or duality. The tempering of two opposites such as masculine and feminine, them and us, Temperance marries the As above so below, very much the Hermetic maxim producing a third of the two.

The Rainbow is the symbol of peace, the magical sign of the connection between heaven and earth.

Don’t you love to see rainbows? I always get thrilled.

the rainbow also symbolizes the opening of all the 7 chakras which are also related to the 7 classical planets.

In other Tarot decks this card is often called Alchemy which symbolizes the transmutation of LEAD { Saturn} into Gold the SUN- the philosopher’s stone or elixir of Life. 

The medieval alchemists were seeking a spiritual alchemy and a physical one. 

Temper your opposing sides, have your own internal peace talks. Its not us and them- it’s us and us.

Seek the peace and beauty of the rainbow, through opening up your chakras and through meditation. 

Moon’s in GEMINI which is the breath, so remember to slow down and BREATHE

please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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There’s a rainbow round my shoulder- Al Jolson 1928 

Stormy Monday- Lou Rawls 


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